What is the submission process?

For the year of 2015, the HFA Advisory Selection Team accepts submissions from July 1 through October 1.

Criteria: All submissions must be for a body of work and/or film released between the dates of January 1 and December 31 of the year of the awards.

How does one make a submission?

Email your submission to:  submissions@hollywoodawards.com

What is the selection process?

Potential winners are evaluated based on their body of work and/or film(s) to be released during the calendar year designated. With participating Hollywood insiders, our Advisory Team identifies and selects the recipients of our honors. Our winners are pre-selected to receive our awards. Our selection is based on their outstanding achievement and contribution to the art of cinema. They are not “nominees.”

Who is on the HFA Advisory Selection Team?

The HFA Advisory Selection Team includes film industry insiders and executives.